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Thoughts of A Made Man

Are you ready to learn what it takes to be a man? Thoughts of a Made Man gives an insight of life from a man’s perspective. Although the character and traits are embedded as early as childhood, they are mastered when faced with adversity. No one can control what happens to them, but they can learn from it and not let it define them. There is no easy way out when it comes to life’s circumstances. You CHOOSE who you want to BECOME. Take a behind the scenes look at Jamar Champ’s perception of beliefs and knowledge based on his reality. He gives insight on success and how to live a life of legacy.



R. Benton

My childhood best friend!! A Great person of great ambition & an advocate of superior character and intellectual growth. A must read that will leave you with a great amount of respect for the author and a value for the words of wisdom shared.


I love the purpose of this book. It's an easy read, great for the youth or anyone who is trying to reset their mindset. It is full of quotes and thoughts that can penetrate your mind and give hope. I think it's really perfect for groups to read and discuss. If I had a school or a mentorship program for young boys, I would want each of them to read it. So many times, boys don't have a role model. Many times they grow up thinking they only can play sports and/or when that is over, they have no clue what to do with life. Trouble finds an absent mind. This book is super inspiring for the social media jaded world our young adults are being brought up in. They don't know what it takes to become like the people they follow online. But they want to figure it out and find their own success. After losing my amazing brother to gun violence in the streets, I only wish he could have had a book like this one in his life to give him new thoughts and perspectives that, with practice, may have changed his life. You can have all the material things, but this book speaks on purpose, faith, giving back, and real topics like overcoming emptiness while chasing wealth. 5 stars for sure.


I find this book very inspiring i honestly recommend this books to parent with young boys! After i was done reading it i gave it to my nephew to read thought he can use it,its a great mentor book for the youth. thank you for getting the book out to me i will definitely be buying again!

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